Leak Checker Injection

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Colour:  Yellow

Material: Liquid

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Key Features:


  1. Versatile Application: EasyFix works wonders on metal and rubber components, sealing small leaks in evaporators, condensers, O-rings, gaskets, and hoses within both R134a and R-12 automotive air conditioning systems.


  1. Enhanced Detection: Equipped with a U/V leak detector dye, the sealant not only stops minor leaks but also aids in pinpointing larger mechanical issues that may require further attention and repair.


  1. Universal Compatibility: Fear not about oil compatibility; EasyFix seamlessly integrates with PAG, ester, PAO, and mineral oils, ensuring a broad compatibility range for various A/C systems.


  1. Comprehensive Protection: The formula includes O-ring conditioner, proprietary anti-wear, and anti-oxidant additives, providing a holistic approach to system care and longevity.


  1. No Harmful Polymers: EasyFix stands out as a polymer-free solution, guaranteeing that it won’t harm or clog any A/C system components or equipment during application.


  1. Sealant and Lubricant: Beyond fixing leaks, EasyFix acts as a lubricant for your A/C system, aiding in preventing future leaks and ensuring smooth operation.


  1. User-Friendly Design: The sealant comes with a reusable dispensing hose designed for ease of use and compliance. It works exclusively with R-134a cans featuring self-sealing valve can tops, eliminating any potential difficulties during application.


In Summary:


Introducing EasyFix – a versatile and user-friendly automotive air conditioner sealant designed to effortlessly address leaks in your A/C system. Whether it’s metal or rubber components, this solution seals small leaks, and its U/V leak detector dye helps identify larger issues. Compatible with a range of oils, EasyFix ensures comprehensive protection with its additives. Worried about system harm? EasyFix is polymer-free, preventing damage to components. It’s not just a fix; it’s a lubricant too, contributing to future leak prevention. The reusable dispensing hose adds convenience, ensuring a smooth application process with R-134a cans. Make A/C repairs hassle-free with EasyFix – your go-to solution for a cool and comfortable ride.


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