Refrigeration Sight Glass-Moisture Indicators

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1. Monitor refrigerant conditions in the liquid line for optimal cooling efficiency.
2. Easily check oil flow in the return line from the oil separator.
3. Track moisture content in the refrigerant to prevent system damage.
4. Ensure peak performance with advanced sight glass-moisture indicators.

  • 1-1/8
  • 7/8
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Cooling Method: Direct Cooling
Condition: New
Connection Size: 7/8 ,1-1/8
Max. Working Pressure: 35 bar (500 psig)
Temperature Range of Medium: -50ºC to +110ºC
Color Indicator:
– Low water content: Green
– High water content: Yellow

Product Description:

1. Ensure Optimal Refrigerant Conditions:
– Monitor the refrigerant conditions in the liquid line of your refrigeration unit.
– Gauge the temperature and pressure to maintain the ideal state for efficient cooling.
– Our sight glass-moisture indicators provide real-time insights into refrigerant status, enabling proactive adjustments to prevent system inefficiencies.

2. Effortless Oil Flow Monitoring:
– Detect the presence of oil flow in the oil return line from the oil separator effortlessly.
– Our sight glass-moisture indicators feature intuitive design and clear indicators to ensure seamless oil flow monitoring.
– Prevent disruptions and system damage by promptly addressing any oil flow issues identified through our advanced monitoring solution.

3. Precise Moisture Content Monitoring:
– Safeguard your refrigeration system from moisture-related issues by monitoring the moisture content of the refrigerant.
– Our sight glass-moisture indicators feature built-in humidity indicators for accurate moisture content assessment.
– Stay ahead of potential corrosion, icing, and performance degradation by maintaining optimal moisture levels with our reliable monitoring solution.


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1-1/8, 7/8


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