Suniso Refrigeration Oils

Modern air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors are designed differently by each manufacturer.

However, they all have one thing in common: they all demand a very specific sort of lubricating oil to ensure that the refrigerant compressor runs smoothly for a long time.

Suniso oils satisfy these requirements since they are highly stable and provide a long, trouble-free life span in contemporary compressors that are designed to optimize output capacity while keeping the physical size to a minimum.

For instance, mineral oils from Suniso are made from highly processed petroleum lubricating oil stocks, while synthetic oils are made from the purest synthetic base stocks. Among the different compressor fluids, all reflect the finest option.

Let’s take a look at what refrigeration oils are before we go any further.

Suniso Refrigeration Oils


Refrigeration Oil:

Under the effect of the refrigerant, refrigeration oil serves as a hydrodynamic control, operational fluid, and lubricating oil in refrigeration compressors.

Cooling compressor lubrication takes on a unique role in lubrication engineering. The high standard expected of refrigeration oils is directly related to the predicted longevity of refrigeration compressors.

Moreover, the interaction of the refrigeration oil with other substances, as well as the extremely high and low temperatures, places highly unique requirements on refrigeration oils.

Types of refrigerant Oils:

Refrigerant oils are divided into two categories.

Mineral Oils:

Mineral oils had first been created through the refinement of petroleum. When crude oil is distilled to make gasoline, they are created as a by-product.

Also, mineral oil was largely utilized with refrigerants from the previous generation, such as CFCs and HCFCs.


Synthetic Oils:

Mineral oils were ideal for CFC and HCFC refrigeration systems in previous generations. The industry had to create new fluids to be used with newer refrigerants as CFCs and HCFCs were phased out.

Therefore, synthetic oils are the name given to these new oils. Synthetic oils are made from refined petroleum and have special qualities that allow them to function with modern refrigerants.

Since mineral oils are not mixable with current refrigerants, synthetic oils are needed during retrofits. Mineral oils don’t really mix well with modern refrigerants, preventing refrigerants from performing their functions.



Functions of Refrigeration Oils:

Whereas the refrigerant is required for the refrigeration system’s chilling capabilities, the refrigeration oil is required for the compressor’s appropriate operation. Refrigeration compressor lubricants minimize friction, prevent wear, refrigeration compressor fluid must properly lubricate mechanical components while meeting standards not required by other petroleum products.

For instance, refrigeration compressor fluid must properly lubricate mechanical components while meeting standards not required by other petroleum products

Refrigeration oils, on the other hand, are intended to provide trouble-free performance. Of course, the primary element of compressor oil is to provide lubrication and act as a seal between the high and low-pressure sides of the compressor.

Although lubricating is still the major role of the refrigerant oil, it must also be able to tolerate high-temperature variations and be compliant with the refrigerant.

It must also possess specific other characteristics because

  • it interacts closely with the coolant used in the unit
  • It makes its way into the refrigeration pipes in tiny concentrations.
  • In closed units, it is in close interaction with the winding.
  • It is subjected to extremes in temperature.

Suniso offers two product lines:

  • Suniso GS Range
  • Suniso SL Range

Suniso GS Range:

Most major equipment manufacturers recommend this range, which is made from specifically chosen naphthenic base crude oils.

Furthermore, this range’s products are extremely stable and essentially wax-free, resulting in outstanding low-temperature qualities and long service life.

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