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If you have a thermostat at your home, business, or other location and aren’t sure how to keep it from being tampered with, you should look into thermostat guards. Well, a thermostat guard can protect undesired tampering and modifications, which could also lead to higher monthly power costs, whether you own a corporation or merely have kiddies who adore button mashing.

Certainly, change is an unavoidable reality. With the evolving world, everything is changing, including thermostats. You could agree with me. For instance, thermostats are gadgets that govern the functioning of high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) systems by turning on heating and cooling as appropriate.

Furthermore, smart thermostats are quite innovative. While they can regulate your home’s temperature based on your preferences, there is one thing they can’t do: prevent others from changing your thermostat. If a smart thermostat can’t do it, you can bet that a vintage thermostat probably wouldn’t be able to either. A thermostat guard might assist in this instance.

Which factors to keep in mind before getting yourself one?


It seems to reason that when manufacturers use less expensive materials to make things, durability suffers. On the outside, I’ve seen some pretty convincing-looking guards that have been designed to look like a name-brand guard. They are not as strong as stated. So keep an eye out for the gadget’s durability so that it can endure longer. Moreover, the majority of these gadgets are composed of plexiglass or translucent acrylic. Some are more solidly constructed than others. Choose the ones that are the most robust and can easily and conveniently attach to existing walls or other surfaces. If the thermostat will be accessed frequently, more durable construction will be required than for thermostats that are hardly altered.

The Type:

It’s also crucial to consider which types of guards are the most practical for a particular user. Most store-bought guards have a key operation, so users may want to locate guard keys that are easier to monitor and order enough keys for each authenticated user to have one. Other contemporary thermostat guard covers incorporate combination locks, which some managers may prefer.


When looking to purchase a guard, one of the most crucial considerations to make is the price. There are numerous items available on the market, each with its pricing. However, each product has unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition. The costs are set based on the features and built-in quality. If you’re going to get an expensive guard, make sure it has all of the features you’re searching for or if it’s missing any.


A device of higher grade is significantly more durable and long-lasting than one of lower quality. A product’s quality should never be compromised.


When purchasing something pricey, you should always consider the warranty, as it may be a one-time cost. The majority of brands offer a warranty on their products, but the one with the longest warranty period is the one to choose.

Types of locks or guards:

There are two basic types of thermostat guard bases: ring and solid.

For those who currently have a thermostat and wish to add protection, a ring base is an ideal alternative.

For instance, anyone who wants to install protection before installing their new thermostat should choose a firm base.

With that being said, the lockbox will almost always require a key to unlock and lock it, regardless of the sort of base you choose. These guards are made of a variety of materials, with metal and plastic being the most prevalent.

Metal Thermostat Guard:

It doesn’t get much finer than a metallic cover if you require an extremely sturdy guard box. The sole disadvantage of this type of protection is the lack of visibility. Typically, there are vent holes to allow for circulation and a precise temperature reading. But you will need to open the box for precise readings.

Plastic Thermostat Guard:

The most frequent alternative is a plastic cover, which is a better option for folks who aren’t concerned with durability. Likewise, plastic boxes, unlike metal coverings, enable you to see the thermostat and exact temperature without opening it.

Virtual Thermostat Guard:

A lockable thermostat, which is commonly seen on smart thermostats, demands a login or code be provided even before settings may be changed.

There are a number of items on the market that may be of appeal to you. Let us proceed to the various products without wasting any more time.

Royal Apex Clear Plastic Thermostat Guard Universal Compatibility (BTG-RK):

To reduce the risk of physical damage, the product is made of the best quality Hi-impact plastic. It’s easier to get a precise reading with the help of a clear plastic thermostat guard. It is also quite helpful to have mounting hardware. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Also, this item is around 150 grams in weight. With measurements of 18x15x10 cm.

13016 Clear plastic Thermostat Guard:

This Bramec thermostat can work with practically every other thermostat. Its purpose is to provide the thermostat with complete enclosing protection. Furthermore, air circulating ports are located on all four sides to guarantee optimal thermostat operation.

Also, this guard includes an eight-tumbler lock that is permanently affixed, and each kit comes with a key. It measures 6.37x 3x 3.5 inches and is made of clear plastic.

 Supco Thermostat Guard BTG-EK:

Supco is the company that creates this product. It is more sturdy and damage-free because it is made of the finest quality plastic. The transparent acrylic makes taking precise readings of the thermostat much easier. Moreover, it measures 3-7/8″ x 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ and is damage-resistant.

Furthermore, there are several companies that manufacture thermostat guards all over the world, including Honeywell, Alco Controls, Badger Meter, Brady Corporation, and others.

Perks of Thermostat Guard:

There are significant benefits to installing a thermostat guard.

  • Discourages children from making unwelcome changes.
  • At home, avoid unintentional meddling.
  • Tenants are unable to tamper with the thermostat.
  • If your workplace or business has a thermostat, it prevents employees from tampering with it.

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